2018 Tesla Model 3

(this car is perfectly awesome, I just need to free up some cash to invest)

It's Loaded! Here is the sticker:

Model 3 Base +$35,000

Rear Wheel Drive

Black Interior

Red Multi-Coat +$1,000

18’’ Aero Wheels (comes with $50 center caps and bolt covers for use when aero covers are removed, it looks much better like this in my opinion)

Long Range Battery +$9,000

Premium Upgrades +$5,000

Enhanced Autopilot +$5,000

Total sticker: $55,000

Full (generous) Tesla warranty applies on transfer (4 yr/50,000 mi basic, 8 yr/100,000 mi powertrain).

Mileage is under 750 miles (mostly highway and not driven daily). Currently parked and held in my garage.

Everything that came with the car from the factory is included (included the standard wall charger with adapters, manual, and aero wheel covers which add 10% range).

Battery charges to 310+ mi on full charge.

Please message me on CarGurus if you have any questions - thanks!

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